• Justin Nassra LMT

You Don't Have Knots!

If you’ve had an ache or a dull sharp pain in your upper back. You’ve probably already asked me while awkwardly reaching

around to show me the spot “I have this huge Knot right here, what can I do to get it out”

The fact of the matter is your muscles don’t get knotted up. Your muscles are not shoelaces. In Sports Medicine, we use the term adhesion. Adhesions are an abnormal adherence of collagen fibers (soft tissue) to surrounding structures.

What Causes Adhesions?

Any process that causes inflammation can lead to the development of adhesions. With exercise and sport, it often occurs after an injury or trauma or during the immobilization that is caused by injuries.

What's The Fix?

Creating movement in and around the irritation can help to gently encourage fluid to flow in and out of the surrounding tissues. An increase in fluid flow and blood flow gradually help your pain subside.

With that being said adhesions can make it more difficult to move a joint, affecting the joint itself, tendons or ligaments.

One of the best ways to help loosen up adhesions is by receiving soft/deep tissue work, which can be done by any licensed professional who does bodywork. This not only assists in stretching the muscle and tendons but aids in loosening up the scar tissue which helps the restoration of range of motion and reduction of pain.

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