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Why You Should Incorporate Massage Into Your Fitness Regimen.

You are an athlete and you need to start treating yourself as if you are one, One of my favorite sayings is “Everything you do today affects your tomorrow. One of the most important tools that professional athletes use to perform at the level they are at is massage therapy. It plays such an important roll in the longevity of their career.

Here are some of the ways Massage can bring benefits toward your fitness journey:

  • From a Mindset standpoint, massage therapy has always had a positive psychological effect. For instance, it has been proven to reduce anxiety, relieves stress, and tension all will promoting relaxation and activating the parasympathetic nervous system. As you are undergoing the much need recovery hour, your body will begin to increase dopamine and serotonin levels will simultaneously reducing your cortisol levels

  • I’m sure we all know by now, that aches and pains are inevitable when it comes to working out and training consistently several days per week. But your recovery doesn’t have to be. Massage Therapy has been shown to drastically reduce recovery time which allows athletes to feel better faster and work harder when it’s time to get back into training. The reason why massage therapy expedites recovery time is that it

dilates your blood vessels, which contributes to increased circulation and oxygenation of overworked muscles. Massage Therapy can help eliminate lactic acid build-up and other toxins that can accumulate while training.

  • Working out is a great outlet for most people and allows you to work out the stressors of the day. But with all that working out you need to take into account that you are increasing unwanted inflammation of the joints. You are putting your body through a great deal of stress while working out especially at a high intensity with high impact movements that it will eventually recover from but the shock leaves the body with various aches, and if you haven’t used certain muscles in a while or overdid some the movements, they will most likely inflame in your response your workout. A study that was conducted by the Buck Institute for Research on Aging at McMaster in Ontario showed that massage therapy reduces inflammation throughout the body by increasing the growth of new mitochondria.

  • I know this first hand from experience that it sucks not being able to do certain movements when encountering an injury, and it sucks even more not being able to workout depending on the severity of the injury. Injuries blow, no one wants them. Receiving massages regularly allows athletes (yes you are an athlete) to monitor their muscle tone and decrease the stiffness and soreness of their muscles post-workout. These elements allow athletes to regulate their physique, build a range of motion and overall flexibility, by simultaneously preventing fatigued muscles from all sorts of injuries.

Justin Nassra LMT

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