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Forward Head Posture

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Posture. This fragile design of the curvature of the neck helps decrease the compressive forces caused by the weight of the head and gravity (On average the head weighs 11 pounds) . And now, more and more of us are discovering that posture is probably one of the main culprits for pain and discomfort in our necks. the most common one adults face in the era is Forward Head Posture (FHP).

What is FHP?

FHP involves increased flexion in the lower lumbar cervical vertebrae and the upper thoracic region, increased extensions of the upper cervical vertebrae with extension of the occiput on the C1 vertebrae.

From a visual standpoint you can notice that the head shifts anteriorly (Toward the front of the body) from the line of gravity. As Forward Head Posture gradually progress, a Thoracic Kyphosis may develop and overall vertebral height could shorten. In addition, the posterior muscles of the cervical spine (neck) will stretch and weaken.

How does Forward Head Posture happen?

One of the main causes for FHP is that thing your mother used to yell at you for whenever you were out at family event or playing video games with your friends. Have you figured it out yet?! If you just had a quick flashback and heard “Stop Slouching, Sit up Right!” You guessed right. Slouching is such an easy trap to fall into when it comes to developing something like forward head posture. I bet you kinda wished you listened to your mom now.

Although Slouching is one of the main causes of Forward Head Posture, it isn’t the only one. The way you sleep can be a major contributor to this syndrome. The MORE pillows the better right? WRONG! If you tend to sleep with your head to elevated, it can be one of the tiny contributors to FHP.

And an all too common one, that practically everyone has these days, a cell phone. Texting and looking down on your phone puts your head and neck in an immediate compromised position. If you tend to look down for long periods of time you are stretching the muscles in your neck, which in time will cause this issue only to erupt more and cause more discomfort.

Top 3 Effects & Symptoms:

Tension Headaches Early disc degeneration can occur Decreased Range Of Motion in Neck, shoulders and arms

How Can You Treat FHP?

An extremely effective treatment style in breaking the pain cycle that occurs in the necks musculature is massage therapy. Like any kind of injury or bodily pain that you may be facing, its gonna require more than one session. You’ll find that your Licensed Massage Therapist is focusing on Decreasing the tension, lengthening the muscles and increasing the mobility in your neck and shoulders. As you begin to feel the tension release in your neck from your massage session, Remember its not the quick fix. If you really want a more permanent change, its up to you to make some changes, and the best way to begin change within this realm is by addressing your posture.

Justin Nassra LMT

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