• Justin Nassra LMT

Massage Is Not A Luxury

When most people think of massage or the subject of massage is brought up, most people think of luxurious spas, expensive, bougie, etc... Massage goes way beyond all that, it's a very important tool in the therapeutic community, the fitness community, corporate companies, even the medical community.

In the therapeutic community, massage is prescribed by an abundance of licensed professionals. A physical therapist or a chiropractor might consider using a Licensed Massage Therapist as part of their treatment plan for a patient they are seeing for a certain injury.

A psychologist or psychiatrist might prescribe massage therapy sessions to help ease someone's severe anxiety or emotions and the physical stresses they are experiencing. There are studies out there that show almost 80% of Americans show physical signs of stress and over 70% of Americans show signs and symptoms of psychological stress. During these times of the COVID-19 era and economy not doing too well, stress has probably increased three-fold.

Fitness professionals recommend massage to their clients for a variety of reasons. One

of the most popular reasons out there is that it helps with muscle recovery and helps with injury prevention. Although that is true, massage therapy is used by athletes all over the world for much more than that. Licensed Massage Professionals play a very critical role for athletes when it comes time to warming them up before an event to help avoid any unnecessary injury, keeping their joints and muscles loose between events, and assisting with the cool down process after they finished competing.

Yes, you read it correctly before. massage therapy has a high demand int the medical field. Massage therapists can get a variety of certifications to be able to get opportunities to work beside medical professionals. Doctors highly recommend patients who have been diagnosed with cancer and are undergoing treatment also apply massage therapy to their road to recovery. Cancer patients who are undergoing treatment may begin to struggle with sleep due to the stress if the diagnosis or even the pain of the treatment cycles. The light touch of a therapist can do wonders for their body and healing process. The less pain and stress during the day means less pain and stress at night, which could help a patient sleep more soundly. A Doctor may also recommend receiving massages if you have just gotten into a car accident; massage can help relax the muscle tissue if you are experiencing severe muscle aches and soreness and help prevent them from becoming chronic problems in the future.

These are just a few examples of how massage can be used outside a spa and luxury setting. There are tons more out there. So if you have tried several modalities of therapy and you are starting to feel helpless, give massage therapy a chance. Most people feel start to feel better right away depending on the issue at hand. As a small disclosure, if you are dealing with an injury don't expect to be healed in one session even though you may experience a fortunate amount of relief in your first session. Injuries take time, so see if your therapists offer memberships or packages

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