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COVID-19 Protocols & Procedures

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

With the recent press release, the state does not have massages on their list for businesses to reopen for Phase 1, I have spoken with local health officials and they are aiming towards Phase 2 if everything goes according to plan. Please know that your health, safety, and comfort is my number one priority. I appreciate all the support and thoughtful text messages I have received through this difficult time. Moving forward, to ensure your safety when I do reopen my services, I will be following CT State Guidelines...

- Before every session, you come into I have created a small 5 questionnaire online that you can fill out the day of appointment before you come into your session or you may fill it out when you come in before we begin.

- Upon arrival, there will be a quick temperature check, anyone who has a temperature of

99.1 will be asked to reschedule their appointment (client WILL NOT be charged for the session and member WILL NOT lose their session).

- I will be blocking out 30 minutes between sessions to allow for proper disinfection of equipment.

- As part of CT Health and Saftey guidelines, I will be wearing proper face-coverings (mask & face-shield)

- You must be wearing a mask on your arrival while the screening protocol is taking place 

- If you choose to arrive without a face mask, you’ll be denied entry and your appointment will be canceled and rescheduled. 

- If screening protocols are passed, you the client do not have to wear a mask throughout your session but if it makes you feel comfortable you are more than welcome to do so.

- Sheets are and have always been washed professionally if they have been used.

-Sheets are always changed over between clients - Massage Table is always wiped down between sessions 

- I always use disposable face coverings

- I always have disinfected the face cradle when I come in and in between sessions - I always wash my hands between clients.

- I have invested in a UV Cabinet that will assist me in disinfecting my equipment.

To add to this list, here are a few things I have always done to maintain a clean healthy environment for my clients prior to the recent pandemic.

- Between clients, I wipe down all pieces of equipment I use. (lotion or oil pump bottle, cupping tools, Graston tool, hot stones, and BioFreeze spray bottle, iPad)

The office of Vitality Sports Therapy is cleaned thoroughly every single day  (wipe down and disinfection of Desk, waiting room table, waiting room chairs, all doorknobs, iPad)

If you guys have any suggestions on how I can make your experience safer please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly and share your thoughts.

Again, your health, safety, and comfort is my number one priority!  I hope to see you all soon!

Justin Nassra LMT

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