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5 Things To Do On A Rest Day

For me, a REST DAY is a day to reflect on the things that I have done so far throughout the week and to think about what I could do to better myself as a person and athlete. Furthermore, I do notice that people do start to form bad habits on their rest day; which could end up taking a part in your daily life.

For today's post I wanted to share 5 simple things that may help maximize the benefits of a REST DAY:

  1. Read. Read something that allows you to increase your knowledge, and that can teach ways to help serve others.

  2. Recover. As athletes we spend so much time abusing our bodies and every day we go without giving our bodies some type of therapy; we are setting ourselves up for losing functionality. Some things to try to help your body recover would be yoga, foam rolling, basic stretching, physical therapy exercises, or MASSAGE!!!

  3. Plan/ Reflect/ Record. Take 30 minutes just to reflect on what your goals are and what you have done in the process of achieving them. If you see that you are having

setbacks, take a moment, and plan out the steps you’re going to take to attain that goal.

4. Food Prep. If you're one of those people that seem to be running short on time throughout the week and want a better way to save a little money, food prepping is the way to go. Think about all the money you spend at lunch per week, if you had gone to your closest supermarket you could have doubled the amount of food so you could make enough meals for several days.

5. House Work. For myself, I have a lot of trouble sitting down and doing nothing and in order for my day to feel complete, I have to do something that is useful. So whether it would be cleaning the inside of the house, washing your car or yard work, and getting some fresh air.

So whatever you decide to do on a rest make sure you enjoy it.

  • Justin Nassra

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