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5 Benefits To A Monthly Massage

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Improves Blood Circulation. A person who has poor blood circulation can suffer from a variety of discomforts, such as cold hands/feet. Poor Circulation can bring fatigue and achiness created by lactic acid in the muscles. With that being said Massage can prong those beaten, damaged muscles the oxygen-filled blood they need to heal and recover.

Reduce Your Stress. Stress can not only affect your mind, but it can also affect your whole body. When you carry tension it’s only natural that your body will begin to become stiff which can lead to pain in your muscles. A recent study shows that 77% of people in the United States experience physical symptoms caused by stress and 73% experience psychological symptoms caused by stress.

Strengthens the Immune System. That’s right! What better way to protect your body from getting sick this winter than a massage. So how does massage therapy increase the immune system? Well for starters it helps increase the body’s natural killer cells. It also aids in the fight against bacteria and infection, and it naturally enhances the body’s ability to get nourishment to important areas

Promotes Posture. Sitting at a desk all day, Commuting for hours on end, texting and watching TV, can create a lot of tension in your muscles whether that’s in your neck or lower

back. Not only can having bad posture make you look bad, but it also makes other muscles to work harder than they should which causes others to get weaker.

When receiving a massage those muscles that are made sore can begin to relax and loosen up. This allows your body to realign itself and position itself naturally and pain-free.

Recover Faster From Injury.  Rehabbing an injury can feel like its taking forever, most people become frustrated with the whole process. Massage plays an important part when it comes to aiding the rehabilitation process. Massage assists the body by pumping more oxygen and nutrients to tissues and vital organs.

If you’ve had a sprained ankle or had the muscles in your back begin to spasm, receiving a massage can administer the opportunity for the body to make a faster recovery. Having the pressure of your therapist's hands increasing blood flow, the muscles become warmer. This helps the body flush out any swelling and allows for a quicker healing process.

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